Corporate Wellness

BTM Corporate Program
In today’s workforce, rising health care costs are of major concern to corporations, big and small. Statistics show that the benefits of employee health and wellness plans include: increased work production; decreased absenteeism; decreased days and work lost to sickness; and higher attrition rates. Companies should take the proactive action steps to insure the fiscal and physical success of their businesses by providing a corporate health and wellness programs for their employees. There is a tremendous return to companies that invest into improving the health of their employees.
Priceless Benefits to the Employees
The benefits provided to the employees are priceless.  The employee feedback is nothing short of positive. Participants in corporate fitness programs create a unique team environment amongst themselves and they go back to work ready to work, which ultimately translates into improvements in the company’s bottom line.
Program Can Be Done Onsite or BTM Training Studio
 Be The Machine provides corporate fitness training onsite or at their personal training studio. Along with the fitness program, BTM will hold educational lunch time seminars and will participate in the company’s health fairs.  For all employees that do choose to enroll into the BTM corporate fitness and wellness program, each member is given a fitness evaluation and or consultation to establish base line fitness and determine personal goals.  To further encourage participation in the program, BTM and their staff will conduct fun and creative incentive programs throughout the year. BTM provides a structured training and nutrition educational program with an emphasis on providing sound information.
Bottom Line
The bottom line is: no company is too small or too large to acknowledge and support the health and wellness of its employees nor is it a cost that any company can afford to cut.  Thinking about it is not enough.  Taking action by being proactive, well informed, and having a plan will keep any company ahead of the curve.  Take action today and help your company build a more fit and productive workforce for tomorrow by speaking with BTM and have us implement a corporate fitness and wellness program for your organization