BTM offers satellite and online coaching to clients all over the world and in depth/ one on one coaching in North Florida/ Southern Georgia.  Each clients goals, races and needs are different and BTM will work  with you to determine the correct course of action to achieve your goals. Prices range from $150-$250 per month based on your needs and goals. 
Nutrition Coaching- BTM offers one on one nutrition coaching for $79 per month. The back bone of this deals with the need for athletes to consume a high quality, mostly organic, plant-based diet. BTM will work with you to help prepare what is local to your area. You will work  together to weed out food that is not serving you as an athlete and ultimately  hindering your optimal heath. A food journal is mandatory for the first month
Consultations- This is the best option for an athlete not doing a grueling race or someone who is looking for a less one on one experience and would just like to know if they are going in the right direction with their training. Prices are $35 for 30 min and $60 for 60 min. These appointments are available  Monday- Friday 12pm- 3 pm.