Circuit Training

This 30 min class is completely dedicated to the often over looked core! A strong core will aid in injury prevention as well as help
* stabilize your bike in a cross-wind or head wind
* maintain form on later stages of a run
*propel you forward in a powerful swim stroke and fight against ocean currents
Bring your own mat, towel and water and be prepared for ANYTHING. Jennifer recommends a core specific workout 2-3x a week

This 60min circuit class utilizes HIIT (high intensity interval training) as well as light weights, TRX, BOSU,Bands and  Body Weight exercises to  increase muscle fiber size, increase muscle contractile strength, and increase tendon, bone, and ligament tensile strength. These changes lead to decreased injury risk, and improved physical capacity, economy, and metabolic function. This class is taught in a circuit style and  is ever changing. The intervals change, the exercises change, and the rotations change.  There is no way to adapt to the class. Your body is forever guessing
Bring a mat, towel, water and a 4:1 Carb/protein snack for after. YOU WILL NEED IT

A challenging speed/plyometric/core circuit and utilizes the athletes own bodyweight! This class is a great way to introduce some spice and variety into your triathlon/running training program, giving your mind a mental break from the long base training sessions and giving your body a chance for force and power development sets, an often neglected portion of multi-sport training.